Updates and schedule changes regarding COVID

10/14/2021, 12:02pm EDT

By Matt Fusillo

You probably consume enough news about the ongoing pandemic, but there are some updates you should know regarding Maryland Ice Hockey that significantly affect the team’s season schedule.


Several games have unluckily been canceled, but the team has also added a game (vs. Rider on February 5) and the ACC Showcase (November 12-14). Be sure to check out the team’s updated schedule on our website and social media.


Per University of Maryland Club Sports rules, the team is not permitted to stay overnight on road trips. If the team is able to depart, play a game, and return back to campus within 10-12 hours, they are permitted to play.


RecWell originally did not allow the club to travel more than 100 miles miles for a game, but that has been expanded to 125 miles – it seems the school is willing to be flexible.


Here’s more a simple rule: Terrapin Hockey is only allowed to play opponents that have a vaccine mandate. The vast majority of other teams do have vaccine mandates, although some division rivals, such as Liberty University, do not have mandates. As it currently stands, the Terps will not be able to compete in certain key matchups like this one.


There will be teams at the ACC Showcase that do not have a vaccine mandate, but Maryland will still be permitted to play – the showcase is a set of games, not an actual tournament. It will be played at the St. James in Springfield, Virginia from November 12-14. 


Lastly, the Crab Pot is confirmed. It will be played on February 11-12 in Annapolis. All teams participating have a vaccine mandate. The Crab Pot is a collegiate hockey classic in the state of Maryland.

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